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Commercial Insurance
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Commercial Insurance

What you need to know about the commercial insurance.

When we speak of 'general liability insurance,' also known as commercial liability insurance, we mean a policy that will protect both you and your company from general claims. These 'general claims' can be for injuries, property damage, and illness, for example. Therefore, almost all businesses need general liability insurance. Do you want to know more about it? Keep reading!

Definition of Commercial insurance

Such insurance can help you cover health care expenses or attorney fees when your business is held legally liable for bodily injury or property damage. Generally speaking, the general liability insurance policy's main objective is to cover the claims made by someone against your company.

What does commercial insurance cover?

As mentioned, these types of insurance policies generally cover you and your company for claims involving, for example, bodily injury and damage to the property of a third party caused by your products (that they have sold or produced), services, or operations. Some policies may also provide coverage for costs for damage to your landlord's property if you are found to be liable. If someone visits your business, slips on the wet floor, and is injured, the insurance company could cover medical expenses. The same would happen if you produce and sell a defective toy that ends up hurting a child. In most cases, this happens if the injured third party files charges and takes you to court. If so, the legal procedures could be costly and even financially cripple your business. But, if you have general liability insurance, the expenses are reduced as the insurer covers them.

What type of commercial insurance do I need?

The perfect coverage for you and your business will depend on the industry in which you operate, your business's activities, the products you sell, and, of course, your needs. You must also consider the requirements of your customers. For some companies, having liability insurance is essential, especially when clients require a certain coverage level. For example, in some countries, government or local authorities require companies to have general liability coverage with a specific limit. You should investigate the regulations of your locality, among other aspects, in order to determine which is the most suitable policy for you.

How much does commercial insurance cost?

The price of the policy also depends on multiple factors. Some of them are company size, turnover, industry, and location. Providers often analyze these elements to calculate how much a claim would cost if there were one. They will also consider the history of claims and the level of risk assumed by a business, including using dangerous machinery or having facilities with a large number of visitors.

Final thoughts.

General liability insurance is not usually legally required, but it can be beneficial in unexpected situations. Hiring a service provider and getting a good policy can save you huge trouble and expense. Contact us for more information!


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