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Auto Insurance: Why do I need it?

Great! You have already fulfilled one of your biggest dreams: buying your first car. But do you know what to do now?

In addition to taking care of your car so that it looks impeccable, buying accessories to customize it, and driving for hours until you learn all the tricks that you did not know, you need to remember one of the essential aspects that every car owner should bear in mind: protection.

But how can you get it? You are right! Car insurance is the solution.

Economic importance of car insurance.

If someone has recommended you pay for car insurance, you have likely wondered: "why do I need it?"

And we have to tell you that there are several reasons behind it.

The first one, as we mentioned, is protection. However, auto insurance will not only protect your car but will also safeguard your finances.

It's no secret to anyone that having an accident can mean spending hundreds of thousands of dollars on repairs, damages, and injuries.

Therefore, car insurance becomes the best ally to avoid losing all our savings.

Legal Aspects: Is Car Insurance Mandatory?

Besides being a choice that denotes financial responsibility, auto insurance can save you from legal trouble.

For example, in the United States, all states (except two) require car owners to have minimum car insurance coverage.

That means that if you don't have insurance and are caught driving, you could risk having your license suspended and having to pay thousands of dollars in fines.

In fact, it is not strictly necessary for an uninsured driver to get detained in order to be penalized according to the law, as many states actively monitor the number of registered vehicles that have insurance.

They can just fine you for driving a car without a policy, even if you don't see the police nearby.

Costs reduction.

Car accident expenses can be quite high.

The average insurance claim for motor vehicle accidents has been reported to be $10,000- $15,000.

That means that if you don't have auto insurance and cause an accident, you could have to pay that significant amount out of your own money.

According to the policy offered by your insurance company, your car insurance could cover both your medical bills and those of the other driver, in addition to the cost of the car damage (according to the service limit).

There is something significant to keep in mind: laws indicate that the person causing the accident is responsible for the damage caused to the other person's health and property.

Therefore, if you do not have insurance or enough money to pay the expenses of the person affected, you could end up in court (which usually decides to send a part of your monthly paycheck to the other driver) or even in jail.

Final thoughts.

Car insurance is essential for all drivers, new or experienced, especially if they live in a state where regulations require this type of protection.

Contact us if you need a responsible insurance provider. We will give you all the information you need to choose the most suitable policy for you.


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